Choosing a Web Developer

What do you look for when choosing someone to help you with your internet related marketing?

Who designs your website?

When choosing a Web developer, keep these questions in mind:

  • Does your web developer have the resources to build you whatever online tool you need for your site?
  • Does your web developer understand that a website is a marketing tool – not just a pretty picture on the internet?
  • Does your web developer talk to you about your sales process and how your website will increase sales?
  • Does your web developer have real world business experience?
  • Do they have the time and financial investment to be in business for the long term?
  • Are they dedicated to constantly upgrading skills in this ‘leading edge’ technology?
  • Will they be there when you need support and maintenance with your Web solutions in the future?
  • How long has your web developer been in business?

Finally – does your web developer believe that a good relationship is the core of a solid business.

Business Practices or Systems

Every business operates through a series of practices or systems. Practices are essentially systems that you create to accomplish an aspect of your business. Business defines a practice as “Methods, procedures, processes and rules employed or followed by a firm in the pursuit of its objectives.”

A simple example of a practice is how you open your business each morning, unlocking doors, putting in your security code, setting up the cash register.

Another example of a practice might be the series of steps taken when someone signs up for your email list. They receive an opt-in email. They opt-in and receive a confirmation.

The messages tell the new subscribers what to expect, how to opt-out and how their privacy is protected. The practice therefore is a system of automated messages that clearly communicates what to expect and why.

This is a great example because practices need to be:

  • Effective – They need to accomplish your goals
  • Transparent – They need to be clear and easy for your customers and prospects to find and understand
  • Legal – They need to be legal so you and your customers are protected under the law